Ron Marks is a third-generation musician and composer. He began playing drums at age five and guitar at fifteen, which inspired him to compose original works. A home recording studio provided the creative forum necessary to develop and record more than 500 original and cover tracks.
Ron became a member of the legendary Swiss band Celtic Frost, as lead guitarist and co-writer. He performed U.K. and U.S. tours in support of C.F.'s Into The Pandemonium release, and helped co-write and record Vanity/Nemesis in Berlin. These sessions provided rare opportunities to witness the fall of Communist rule in East Berlin. Vivid recounting and photos are included within Tom Fischer's book, Are You Morbid?(Into The Pandemonium Of Celtic Frost). 
Fulfilling a years-long aspiration, Ron founded Subsonic in 2000. This effort has realized six studio album releases (Super-Vel, No Such Soul, Blood Groove, Honeycomb, Mach Ten and Hell's Half). Three music videos (Dream American, A Day Late and Fix) have been shot as well. Subsonic explores irreverent social visions and affirms how satire eclipses doctrine. No Such Soul was recognized in 2005 with preliminary Grammy Award nominations for Best Rock Album and Best Hard Rock Performance for the track Dream American.
In addition to the Subsonic catalog, more than 100 tracks are offered for hire to film, television, radio and internet media industries. Producing fellow artists' works is also of great interest. Ron's book, Don't Miss One, is an introspective telling about the life of a journeyman musician
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